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WebAutoParts.com is a hypothetical start-up on-line automobile parts store. This composite application illustrates a "cloud computing" agile development strategy in which a company's software is developed using Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) to orchestrate services provided by commercial vendors. It uses existing commercially provided services but the BPEL code that orchestrates them consists of stubs since actual execution would require setting up paying accounts with each of the providers. It thus provides a set of SOA artifacts (BPEL, WSDL, XSD, etc.) typical of such an application even though it does not run. For syntax checking it has been successfully installed to an Apache Tomcat 7.0 environment with Apache Ode as the orchestration engine.

Basic technology


How to install

WebAutoParts.com is distributed in a jar (Java Archive) file containing two BPELs, six WSDLs, two XSDs and an XML deployment file.

How to use

WebAutoParts may be deployed to a BPEL orchestration engine.


Follow the download link at http://uwf.edu/nwilde/soaResources/ [1]

Additional info

WebAutoParts was used in the case study reported in the following paper: Reichherzer, T.; El-Sheikh, E.; Wilde, N.; White, L.; Coffey, J.; Simmons, S.; "Towards intelligent search support for web services evolution: identifying the right abstractions," 2011 13th IEEE International Symposium on Web Systems Evolution (WSE), pp.53-58, 30 Sept. 2011, doi: 10.1109/WSE.2011.608181