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This page gives a template for describing artifacts related to Service-Based Applications. Please create a page for each artifact according to this template

Possible artifacts could be: service interfaces, service-based process descriptions, service ontologies, formal specifications and models, QoS/SLA descriptions and data, service implementations, test suites, execution traces, monitoring data, etc.


Brief description of the artifact and the goal of the artifact

Basic technology

E.g., WSDL, BPEL, UML, Data

How to install

If applicable, please give a clear procedure for installing the artifact

How to use

If applicable, describe how to interact with the artifact


URL where to download the package

Additional info

Link to papers or technical reports that could be useful to understand and use the artifact

Related case study

In case your artifact is directly related to one or more the case studies included in this repository, please put here a link to these case studies. For instance, if the artifact implements the scenario described in the "Automotive Case Study" then add a link to the page